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Empowering Striving Men To Build The Ultimate Life & Business

I’m Mario and I made it my purpose to help other men, specifically 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs, to take their life & business to the next level.

I’m 41, I’m self-made, I started my entrepreneurial journey & Lifestyle Business 15 years ago and I faced many challenges trying to do it all while also having a family & young kids.

I’m not your savior, but I can be your guide – I have found processes and systems that work for me, that help me do it all.

Having a great family, having a highly profitable lifestyle business, feeling great about my life and well-being, having a clear sense of purpose & meaning while also being in great physical shape.

I know exactly who I can help the most and there are 2 areas I specialize in…

High Performance Coaching

In terms of Life Coaching & helping you with your mindset, I focus on Clarity, Commitments & Accountability. 

It’s critical that we focus on being committed to what’s most important in life and when it comes to you performing at your best – that is your commitments to your health, your mental toughness & well-being including being in shape, positive self-talk and ABSOLUTE clarity on why you are on this planet and what your missions is. 

My coaching focuses on helping you find 100% clarity, it focuses on you committing to your values & mission and on being in great health, mentally & physically. Most importantly, I’ll be holding you accountable!

Lifestyle Business Coaching

In terms of Business Coaching I specialize in helping entrepreneurs build a Lifestyle Business – meaning a business that is fully location independent, online and scaleable. 

This is what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years in my own business. I created & taught others how to create online courses & programs, webinars, leveraged & scaleable coaching programs, software applications & online brands. 

If your goal is to build an online brand or a course/program that is digital, something your prospects can buy & consume online 24/7, then that’s something I definitely can help you with. 

All of us have specific knowledge that can be packaged as an Online Course, Program or Academy.

Perform At The Highest Level – In ALL Areas Critical To Men
Health & Fitness – Mental Toughness & Purpose – Family & Relationships – Business & Freedom
Our Approach Focuses On 2 Areas


Develop Your Mental Toughness & Gain 100% Clarity On Your Commitments & Purpose. Empowering You To Take Your Mental Game, Health & Well-Being To The Next Level.


Create A Lifestyle Business That Is 100% Online & Location Independent. Build An Online Brand & Create Scalable Online Courses & Programs For Your Expertise & Knowledge.

We Can Help You In Both Areas Or We Can Focus On One Area Only – That Is Up To You.


“First thing I really got to tell you is that I started working with Mario about 1 year ago and within 1 month of working with Mario I had my first 100k Month.

I used the Webinar Tactics and a lot of the strategies that Mario taught me. If you’re seeing this right now, hop on with Mario – do anything you can to get involved with Mario.

It doubled my income.

Alex Becker , CEO of Sourcewave Inc

“Amazing updates and finalizing my 3 months journey !

Total Revenue (in 3 months) = $49313
Campaign is generating $60-140/ day from JVzoo still
List is hot and responsive
JVz are happy
Customers are happy
Coach is happy

Thank you Mario Brown Really really grateful for your help bro.”

Sean PI Stewart, Succesful Student

Start Being Coached Today!

1 Hour Power Session

Jump on a call with Mario and get feedback NOW. Mindset, Business, Commitments – we’ll discuss whatever you need help with the most right now.

30 Days Power Sprint

Work with Mario for 30 days straight and kick butt like never before. Ultimate Accountability from Mario, making sure you achieve your big goal in the next 30 days!

Forging Legends Academy

The Ultimate Online Program for Striving Men. Built Peak Performance In ALL Critical Areas & Create The Ultimate Life & Business

Snapshots Of What Is Most Important In My Life: Family – Health – Freedom

About Mario

Mario is a proud husband, father, entrepreneur and passionate coach.

He’s on a mission to change the world one man at a time – helping striving men, specifically entrepreneurs, to become the best version of themselves.

He’s empowering men to live with incredible purpose, have complete clarity on who they are, be in outstanding shape & perform at the highest level in all critical areas of their lives.

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